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Conceptually I feel an affiliation with the Symbolism movement; which I interpret from a contemporary perspective. I am also interested in current Chaos Theory, particularly as applied to Nature: ‘nature most often works in patterns which are caused by the sum of many tiny pulses’.

I am intrigued by the inner world of the unconscious (both individual and collective) and how this influences the creative process. I interpret my interests through an allegorical painting style.

I gain inspiration in inland Andalucia. I am enchanted by the Andalucian light which perpetually alters the landscape and enhances amazing skyscapes. Within this environment I observe the mutability and interconnectivity of the elements’, which fascinate me.

I paint with acrylics on metallic card. I enjoy the challenge of working on a reflective surface – in order to apply (and remove) the paint from such a surface I have to literally ‘see past myself’. The reflective surface also enables me to capture light in a dynamic way; whilst the use of acrylics requires me to work quickly, intuitively and decisively. I embrace colour in my compositions, as a means of conveying emotion.

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